Anjali Digital Scan

The Journey of Dr.Ashish Kapadia

Anjali Digital Scan started in 1987 at M.G. Road Ghatkopar(E). Dr.Ashish Kapadia M.D radiologist Proprieter of Anjali Digital Scan have been helping patient to diagnose about their illness from past 25 yrs. We provide whole body chekup having all investigations. Our clinic is equipped with the latest release of Samsung Medison's Sonoace X8 which provides phenomenal 3d/4d pictures and Samsung Medison's EKO7 for in-depth cardiac examination. We have dedicated Doctor's (Dr.Deepak Patel) echocardiography and (Dr. Mahendra Bhadra) Stress Test. The staff helps in better serving of patients. Dr.Kapadia is also one of the directors of NIVARAN Diagnostic Centre Pvt.Ltd (Nivaran CT Scan & 1.5T MRI Center and Shree Open MRI Centre) 1996 onwards.